Welcome to SA Livestock G.A.P.

SA Livestock G.A.P.
(South African Good Agricultural Practices for Livestock).
Sets voluntary standards for Good Agricultural Practices in livestock production which forms part of the Local G.A.P.,GLOBALG.A.P. program. GLOBALG.A.P. is a GFSI recognized standard for certification of agricultural products around the globe: more and more producers, suppliers and retailers are harmonizing their certification standard to match.
                           10  Reasons for implementing SA Livestock G.A.P.
                                                                      1.    Controls your exposure to food safety risks.

                                                                       2.    Improves the efficiency of your farm management.

                                                                       3.    Compliance with legislation on food safety and animal welfare.

                                                                       4.    Meeting Customer requirements

                                                                       5.    Global recognition with adaption to local conditions.

                                                                       6.    All documents are accessible online, free of charge.

                                                                       7.    Easy 5 STEP implementation.

                                                                       8.    Local and International Technical support.

                                                                       9.    Retailers and producers worked together to create it